We serve the Auto, Truck, SUV, ATV, Offroad and Racing application enthusiast with custom aftermarket equipment and repair.
Whether it is bumpers, racks, roll cages, interior or exterior trimmings,

we take pride in fabricating tough reliable products that stand up to everyday use and extreme environmental conditions. Affordable Quality "Built to Last"

Customized bumpers and racks are very popular here in Southern Oregon. Many customers come to us with a good idea of what they want. We make every effort to work within their design parameters and budgets. The result is a functional unit that has an appealing appearance and is likely to outlast the vehicle itself.
4 wheel drive enthusiasts often damage their vehicle during recreational outings. We build sturdy protective guards to prevent damage during accidents
This customer requested a boat loader system that lifts the boat from the ground, depositing it upside-down and securing it on the rack.


The design engineer is rarely the same person as the mechanical engineer.

Design engineers dream up the concepts of the project, while  mechanical engineers implement the projects logistical details.

Here at American Steel Masters Inc. we do both.

We start with design concepts that come from your ideas, then take them to the next level by fabricating functional products with many years of service life.

From heavy equipment certified welding to new commercial hydraulic machinery, we strive to create industrial projects on time and on budget.

Affordable Quality "Built to Last"

Repair and restoration are also a large part of our business here in Southern Oregon. We know that life takes its toll on tools and equipment. Whether it is repairs to a "Money Making" piece of machinery or a full restoration to an antique or collectable home appliance. We service all makes and models to the best of our abilities and strive to make all repairs and restorations with emphasis on customer satisfaction.
Wood stove repair and restoration is also very popular in Southern Oregon. Restoration is always more cost effective than new products. Some customers prefer wood stove modifications such as cooking ovens with temperature gauges. Others like water and or air (fan driven) heat exchangers and some even include high efficiency reburners. Whatever the situation we are here to help get the most value from your appliances.